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It's time for the Franklin Pierce High School's class of 1985 reunion! Jennifer Grey McFly, having been the assistant principal for 17 years, is now vying for the principal position since the last one had been killed by a bizarre peanut crushing accident. McFly is sure that this is HER time, only to be thwarted by the return of FPHS's own star quarterback from the championship 1985 football team, Biff Chattahoochee, whom the school board is planning on appointing as the new principal! This hilarious show features characters from Footloose to Flashdance and all should feel free to come "retro" in their best Madonna or Don Johnson clothes. Join us as we go "Back to the 80's!" Reservations are $52 per person and include gratuity.

"Back to the 80's!" opens February 2nd, 2018
Performing Friday and Saturday evenings at the historic downtown Marriott Hotel
February 2nd through March 23rd
$52 per person

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